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Timelapes Video
  • Tower-1: slab shuttering works Roof floor Slab is in progress.
  • Tower-1: Block Works at 12thfloor upto Lintel Level is in progress
  • Tower-1: Plastering work at 7thand 9th in progress
  • Tower-1 : Wall Tile work 2ndand 3rd floor is in progress
  • Tower-2: Slab shuttering works Roof floor slab is in progress.
  • Tower-2: Block Works layout at 12thfloor is in progress
  • Tower-2: Block Works at 11thfloor upto Lintel Level is in progress.
  • Tower-2: Plastering work at 1stto 5th floor is in progress.
  • Tower-2 : Wall Tile work 1st and 2nd  floor is in progress
  • Spray plastering works on Ceiling & Columns @ Podium-1&2 in progress
  • Preparation for Epoxy Flooring @ Podium-1 & Podium-2 is in progress
  • 15th floor, cover slab for PART A & PART B has completed.
  • Roof floor Tower A slab shuttering work is in progress.
  • Electrical PVC Wall conduiting up to 5th floor has completed and progressing well on 6th & 7th floor.
  • Ceiling Surface preparation at basement, GF completed and podium levels is in progress.
  • Concrete Masonry work at Basement, to 9th floor has been completed and progressing well on 10th,  11th  & 12th floor.
  • Internal plastering work has completed up to 3rd floor and progressing well on 4th & 5th floor.
  • Wet Areas tiling work is progressing well on 1st & 2nd floor.
  • HVAC, FCU installation has started and progressing well.